Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Waves of Culture

Sunday night, I had a great discussion with Danny and Doug from Logos. I have attended a couple of gatherings with Logos over the past few months and wanted to learn more about the journey to start Logos. I won't go into all the details, but I will tell you that this is not your typical church.
Logos is a church based in the Little Five Points neighborhood of Atlanta. They have no building, no full-time staff, and no slate of programs to speak of. In a lot of ways, they resemble a house church, meeting in homes, restaurants, and coffee houses. Oh yeah, they are sponsored by the local SBC association. No, I haven't drifted away or fallen off the deep end. Yet.
In the gatherings I attended, the small group was made up of people working in the Atlanta arts community, college students, a young college professor, someone raised on the foreign mission field, others from a wide variety of backgrounds, almost all 20-something's. Almost all were single. Most fit right into the culture of L5P, and I felt right at home. Some of these folks would stick out like a sore thumb at most of the churches I've attended in my life, but here they are not out of place.
Sunday night, we talked about how culture shifts around the world. From the major metro centers to other major cities, then to the smaller cities and suburbs. While we understand this with things like music, fashion, and entertainment, I had never fully thought about how it applies to church. To simplify it, you can travel to places like London (or even New York) to see what is going to be happening in Atlanta in a few years. These waves of changing culture flow from these major centers to the small towns of America. The waves slow down as they move out of densely populated areas, but technology is bringing the waves faster and farther.
Logos may be a bit ahead of the wave here in Atlanta, but not by much.
I'll write more about Logos as I get to know this church better, but I thought I'd go ahead and share this first glimpse now.

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