Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Draft a Pastor

Have you ever heard the saying that no one who wants to be president should be allowed to run? Some say that presidents should be drafted, because the people that would do a good job at it are smart enough not to do it.

Maybe the same should be said for ministers...


jessephillips said...

Michael McGough!

I really agree with this simple idea. I've found that, in life, the loudest, proudest, most salesy, over confident people get the upfront jobs - the task of leading and modeling for everyone else.

Unfortunately, I feel like this happens in the Church, too. so I agree, this is a problem, perhaps "drafting" is a solution?

Chris S. said...

Yes! That is why I love the idea of churches hiring from within. Find people with the right heart, train them (this does not mean force them into a mold!), and give them opportunity.
I'm at a church with 8 paid staff, every last one was hired from within the body and I couldn't imagine going back!